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Core Integral

A self-paced, interactive walkthrough of the most widely acclaimed map of human potential. This course contains over fifteen hours of instruction and activities. Finally, a way to discover the Integral Approach that is both actionable and embodied. Are you ready to take your Integral learning to a whole new level?

Price: Starting at $189
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Profound Meditation

Ready to enhance your meditation practice and boost your quality of life? iAwake's exciting, new brainwave entrainment audio programs will enhance your meditation and align with your entire Integral Life Practice.

Price: Starting at $97
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Deep Change: Spiritual Intelligence Assessment

What if you had a tool that could pinpoint where you are in your unique personal development journey? What if it could not only track the progress you've already made, but could also suggest your next best steps to becoming more aware, awake, and happy? Would that be helpful? Too good to be true? Actually, it builds on established developmental assessment models. And it's here.

Price: $295
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