Male Sexuality and the Masculine Invitation

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Dragon’s Den: iEvolve’s Evolutionary Integral Men’s Practice Community and The New Man Podcast present…

Male Sexuality and the Masculine Invitation
Evolving Spirit Through Man’s Embodied Form

with Dr. Marc Gafni & Vidyuddeva

November 13th - 15th

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Join us in creating the Evolutionary Integral Masculine....

For this 3-day weekend retreat at a beautiful, green-built, urban retreat center in Utah as Dragon’s Den begins its 2-year evolution of what it means to be a man in our postmodern world. Spiritual artist and teacher Dr. Rabbi Marc Gafni and his team of evolutionary teachers lead an exploration to find your cutting edge in body, mind and spirit through your masculine form. Discover how to hold your masculine power. Learn how to deepen, expand and deploy this power as the highest expression of your Authentic Divine Self. Navigate the unique demands of your life in an integral community of like-minded evolutionary men. Step into your greater wisdom, lead from a greater perspective and discover how your sexuality is essential to your purpose in the world.

During our 3-day retreat you will:


Understand the 5 core characteristics of the Masculine Sexual Self
  • Dive into the 5 dimensions of the Feminine Sexual Essence
  • Gain integrated practices for working with Pain, Intimacy and Love
  • Learn the 3 most potent practices to cultivate your Masculine Power
  • Embody the new Emerging Masculine Identity for the 21st Century

What is the Dragon's Den?
Are you the evolution of man unfolding right now? Are you the embodiment of your fullest expression of what it means to be a man? Do you know your most fundamental freedom or are you living your life with less?

Dragon's Den is a first-of-its-kind Men's Integral Practice Community committed to the evolution of masculine leadership and consciousness. This is not another fad to come and go, it's not another attempt to recapture a myth about what it means to be a man nor is it just another way to think about manhood. Dragon's Den is a vehicle to transform the very fabric of your life and how you enact your purpose, your strength and your passion as you shift mere fate into the destiny of your life.

Dragon's Den brings the highest-level teachings through the most comprehensive frameworks currently available. The Den isn't just a one-way street though. You don't just come and passively learn.  Men around the world, our integral practice community and our teachers are not only invested in supporting the leading instruction on men's issues but are equally invested in discovering and clarifying the unknown emerging edge of manhood. Your unique participation and leadership is required to move men and women forward into our greater sense of beauty, truth and goodness.

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