Event: Next Step Integral Community Seminar

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Are you seeking to co-create integral community from the ground up? Or are you eager to find out how to awaken an existing community you live or work within to greater consciousness? We are alive at a unique time in our human history – a time that calls us to come together like never before, and that asks of us a deeper and broader understanding of the complex dynamics and potential of human relationships. We are alive at a time when creating meaningful, genuine community is not just a personal desire or option, but essential for our shared humanity to continue to evolve and flourish.

Join integral community experts Terry Patten, Stephan Martineau, John Gruber, Terri O’Fallon, and many more to deepen and enact integral evolutionary community in the beautiful old-growth forest of the Pacific North-West!

The seminar is being organized by our dear friends and colleagues at Next Step Integral, an organization with a great track record of putting on transformative events that are truly about “walking the talk”. Expert guidance, strong community support, as well as delivery of hands-on tools and skills make up this unique opportunity. Please join us for what is certain to be a dynamic and profoundly transformative week! For more information and to register, please visit: http://nextstepintegral.org/programs/community-seminar

Past participants share:

An amazing seminar! I have NEVER had an experience that attended to so many aspects of life like this did – Eric Neufer, USA
What stands out is how fully the faculty embodies integral consciousness, not just integral theories or models, but deep, gentle, wise presence, and the skillful means to lead and create context for integrated mind/heart/body/spirit learning. -- Nancy van Kirk, Canada

My understanding, my spiritual practice, and my capacity to love and act are strengthened by this seminar every year. – Stefan Locher

What you will experience:

This seminar will provide an inspiring environment to meet, network and learn with a growing community of people who clearly understand that figuring out how the collective can keep evolving toward ever-greater integrity, authenticity, and expression is one of the most powerful ways to begin creating the changes we hope to see in the world. The seminar is itself is designed to engage you physically, emotionally, cognitively, interpersonally, and spiritually. Our emphasis is on the embodiment, experience and application of an integral, evolutionary perspective to self, other and the relational field. You will experience a balance of inspiring presentations, group processes, application and case studies, as well as deep experiential learning activities. You’ll learn from, network with and develop authentic community with leading Integral practitioners. Your presence is not only welcome, it is crucial to creating an ongoing community of thinkers, feelers and actors in these times. For a full schedule and list of faculty, please visit http://nextstepintegral.org/programs/community-seminar

There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.
–Teilhard de Chardin

Core questions and topics we will be exploring together:

  • What does an integral evolutionary collective look and feel like?
  • What are the developmental stages that groups evolve through?
  • What elements need to be in place for stage transition to occur in a collective?
  • How can we be aware and effectively work with collective shadow, as well as individual shadow?
  • What does authentic relationship and intimacy require from each of us?
  • The critical role integral community plays in co-creating the future of our world.
  • The practices I and We need to engage in order to more fully serve the emerging potential of authentic integral community in our midst.
  •  How to bring more integrity, authenticity, aliveness and intimacy to any collective setting.

We look forward to experiencing a week of deep transformation, community and a lot of fun with you! To register and for more information:  http://nextstepintegral.org/programs/community-seminar

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