News & Events

StAGES: Integral Developmental Model & Assessment

Pacific Integral is pleased to introduce a comprehensive, new, research-based theory of human development and change, and new in-depth training based on this model.

An Invitation to a Summer of Spiritual Adventure

We are happy to announce that our friend Ross Hostetter is inviting everyone at Integral Life to join him in a Summer of Spiritual Adventure, and sign up for a big, free, and fun summer book group that will be reading his award-winning work of visionary fiction Keepers of the Field.

Ken Wilber's new book is available now!

Ken's newest eBook, The Fourth Turning: Imagining the Future of an Integral Buddhism, is now available to purchase. This eBook is a summarized version of a larger book that will be published by Shambhala in 2015, and is available right now on Shambhala's website as well as other major eBook vendors.

The Integral European Conference

The 1st Integral European Conference from May 8-11 will bring together the finest integral thinkers, practitioners, healers and activists from all over Europe and the globe in beautiful Budapest, Hungary. We gather to witness, celebrate and express “The Emergence of Integral Consciousness in Europe”. At the IEC we will experiment with an integral format where academic science, transformation and the we-space converge - a knowledgeable, playful and communal marriage of sense and soul. Become a part of this joyous and groundbreaking event.

Announcing Immunity to Change training for faith communities

Based on a decade of experience leading and facilitating change in his community, Rev. Tom Thresher, Ph.D. will lead a four day training designed specifically for facilitators in faith communities. This workshop provides training in the Immunity to Change® (ITC) approach designed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, while incorporating additional, specialized instruction for participants from faith communities.

Integral Living Room: May 23 - 26

What if the conversations and connections were the main event? What if the presentations and exercises were there to support YOU…and US…and ALL OF US in doing what we most enjoy doing, connecting deeply with, learning from, and sharing with one another? Seeing and being seen, listening and being heard, delving into the big questions and passions we all share — in a safe and inspiring space?

Upcoming Integral Without Borders Events

Integral Without Borders has three extraordinary events lined up for 2014. Find more details here!

Core Integral: Two Courses. Three Formats. One Across-the-Board Sale.

Core Integral—creator of educational programs that many have hailed as the most effective way to learn Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach—has extended their biggest sale of the year through the holidays. Take 25% off all course formats and enjoy free domestic and international shipping until we reach our year-end goal of 150 new students—a critical milestone that allows us to enter production on our capstone course and certification program.

MetaIntegral is Giving Away $20,000 in Grants

MetaIntegral Foundation is pleased to announce its new grantmaking program. In 2014, we will be awarding up to $20,000 in project grants. We invite your interest and proposals. This document outlines the integral point of view that guides our priorities and strategies as grantmakers. It contains an application form and describes the procedure for submitting your grant application. The deadline for submitting your application is January 20, 2014.

Everything Is Workable: A New Book by Diane Musho Hamilton

Everything Is Workable gives readers the tools they need for dynamic, vital, and effective relationships, both personal and professional. Diane Musho Hamilton draws on her years of experience as a professional mediator, Zen practitioner, and student of Ken Wilber's Integral Philosophy to present a spiritual approach to conflict resolution, providing teachings along with practices and exercises that can be applied to any sort of relationship in which conflict is a factor.