Integral Life's First Online Group!


Hey everyone, this has been a big week with the launch of Integral Spiritual Experience, and we are thrilled to now announce State of the World Forum, which is also Integral Life's first online group!  This is another sneak preview to the IL member community before we launch this to over one million people over the next month.  Feel free to share this important initiative with others by sending them to our public-facing domain at Please come see what we've been working on the past 3 months and join the group if you want to offer your perspectives.  We will have dedicated media, inquiries and blogs all revolving around the ten-year plan to green the global economy.  I'd love for the Integral Life community to be the first participants in the new group before it is released publicly ... help us lay down the right integral groove!

Here's the welcome letter for the 10-year process:

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the State of the World Forum online community, hosted by Integral Life. 

In the spirit of John F. Kennedy’s call for a ten year mission to put a man on the moon, the Forum and key partners around the globe are calling for world leaders and concerned citizens everywhere to engage in a ten year "Global Transition Initiative" to green the global economy and develop sustainable lifestyles.  This is an ambitious yet critical undertaking, one in which all of us need to be engaged. 

This Initiative calls for a new form of moral leadership that transcends the narrow self-interests that have so badly damaged our economies and prevented serious efforts to mitigate the escalating effects of climate change. The Forum will be about action, creating the conditions for cross-sector collaboration to enable each one of us to take the personal as well as collective actions required to change our lives and build a positive future.

What makes this effort distinctive is that it recognizes that truth is not enough to unwind the seemingly intractable knot of climate and economy.  Louder and more forceful declarations of facts are ignored by most when we don't account for how people interpret what they hear through the value systems they live by.  Informed by the Integral framework, this effort will ensure that we engage all dimensions of humanity needed to succeed - including our personal beliefs, the cultural values we share, what we can do through individual action, and what we must do through our governments, organizations and networks.

Please join us for this groundbreaking event November 12-14 in Washington and the longer-term commitment it entails.  The 09 Forum will launch a global process during which we will convene a State of the World Forum in a different major city throughout the world every year for the next 10 years. Climate change is affecting everyone everywhere and thus only a global effort, in which we all come together personally as well as collectively, will suffice to deal with the crisis we are all in.

We welcome your energy, intellect and contribution.

Warm regards,




Jim Garrison, CEO, State of the World Forum

Robb Smith, CEO, Integral Life