The New Quantum Consciousness

As I am journeying thru my New Way of being, I discovered I have been doing 'doppleganger' communication since I was 9 years old.  Wow! A slight interruption of alcohol addiction didn't help much. My recent 30 years sober and clean, I've picked up where I left off.   I have thought BIG for eons.  When one discovers who one was and who one is NOW, the openings have set me up for the shift.  So, the inside of the globe is a merry place, and outter space resides there too! Ken, see Drunvalo Melkizadec on 'you tube'. Amazing wonders.  Gregg Braden has been an openner of the quantum physics also. His Divine Matrix is worth the read.  I would love to have all you masters gather together and coraberate. May your journeys be the best!  Penelope