Richard Rohr

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Everything Belongs

 Very encouraging.  I find I'm needing to keep one foot in the birthing of this movement and yet impatient for the converstion to be led by him to the larger stage of working humbly with other world religions.  I realize the need for stepping stones.

 At age 61 my journey was expanded greatly when at around 40 I opened to the great teachers of religion outside of Christianity and realized how much Christianity drew from them.  (I began like many as a pre-Vatican II Catholic, and like so many consider Ken Wilber to be a National Treasure.  Be Here Now by Ram Dass was my first real liberation,)  Fortunately Thomas Merton's work and blessings like Thomas Keating have kept many like me connected to the mother ship through the dark times when we were tempted to cut ties alltogether.

 I'll be interested in reading more about Richard's new book on non-dual which in my opinon is the bridge so badly needed to give real legs to this emerging church.  Thank You for providing this opportunity to comment.

Mary Pat Jones

Davenport, Iowa