au fond du temple saint...

Hi All,
Lately I've been dealing with a rough spot in my psyche; it interferes with my sleep. It's something that I'm interested in transcending as it raises my blood pressure, and I could use the rest denied me through insomnia.
Evidently some part of me longs for the bliss of unrequited (Divine) love; and but somehow I have managed to make this a problem instead of an opportunity. This shows up as an all-too-familiar split in the psyche, perhaps between how I perceive myself and how I think I should be. (This split or gap is often repressed or papered over, and when it is suddenly revealed it’s experienced as embarrassment or worse.)
In the world of opera there is an unusual duet: it's between two men, and this morning I was noting how these two singers can be experienced as two sides of this psychological split. This famous aria is from Bizet’s, the Pearl Fishers.
It moves me to tears to listen to it, and somehow as they flow, the gap in my psyche begins to heal.
They are of course singing about love; listen if you will…