How did it get to #OccupyWallStreet?

 There are two things that in my mind get to the core historical events that has lead to the #OccupyWallstreet protest. Many have looked at the connection of derivatives and deregulation as the cause of our economic problems. But I see it going back to the constitution and the changes in law after the civil war. 

In this article "How corporations became 'persons'" shows how after the civil war corporations won the right to be treated as if it is a person. Which as integralist we should see as confusing the lower quadrants with the upper. A corporation does not show true individuality, just a mode of discourse and social structure. This insane passing to law for a corporation to have the rights "AS IF" it is an individual is the cause of so much imbalance in our society that I could go on and on. It is the source of the banks power and also what allowed the (private)FED bank to be created in the first place. A date of 1913 that many libertarians point to. But a deeper cause is with the supreme court ruling in 1886. And from there all regulations created for corporation had to be created to make up for this delusional ruling by the courts. 

Even deeper root cause is the issue brought up in this article " A foundation for panarchy" Which shows how the constitution did not properly express how an individual becomes a "We the People". A issue of how a individual with its inalienable rights also becomes a WE with the same rights. Again a confusion of individual and collective. And also How a People provide its consent to a Government( Which also a entity that does not show true individuality).

It is clear that when the constitution was created they could not create a solutions do to lack of means but now with the internet we can answer this. Individuals can freely associate with what government or not that they choose and that choosing to be associated with a group allows the We the People of just that group to give their consent. To think that no one chooses their government? It is based on where you are born. I kind of totalitarian situation that undermines the principles of personal freedom.

Two events of history one being corporations getting the rights as if they are persons and the other being a lack of means to be able to create true freedom of association with a government. Both have moved power that is natural for the individual to have under natural law , to corporate and government institutions that lack self awareness and conscience, or moral dimension.

Both government and corporations have since these historical events grown in power tremendously to the point where "We the People" has no meaning anymore. A amoral social structure.

"When peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable". Thus as time unfolds the #Occupy WallStreet protest will turn from postmodern green movement to its shadow red. And then what? Martial law. Post industrial world? Or make corporations come under common law and governments under a internet transparent direct system of governance that allows people to opt out? What are your thought. I have many. But want to see what your getting.