Energy solutions

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World Leadership Crisis

 I see that there is a place we all can agree on. Bringing green energy into common practice. Zimmerman shows how wind,solar and nuclear are not going to cut it in the best situation. He said that we need a scientific break through. I made a post not to long ago that showed technologies that have been suppressed. Take a look HERE

I need to get my thought in order on this very important topic which connects to economics, banking, poverty, special interests, monetary systems, science, food, health care, military industrial complex, . I will post more on this post as I see a way to bring light to some blind spots in IL dialog so far.

Michael has opened a good space for solutions.  

What is commonly understood to be special interests?  companies?, government ? Banks? political parties? industries? We need a comprehensive understanding of SPECIAL INTERESTS. What's its history? What is it?

More to come.