Climategate and Integral Ecology

The debate on climate change has entered a new chapter with the leaked email on the internet and the calls for investigations and criminal trials.

This new chapter can be a huge learning event for the Integral community. I provide a series of audio and videos that will lead to a radical reunderstanding of the LR and how it has and is effecting the other quadrants.

1.Co-author of Integral Ecology Michael Zimmermann:

From an open talk at Boulder Integral on

Full audio: Here

Video clips: "Is there a concensus on climate change" and "Environmentalist should be more cautious"

2. Audio of : Alex talks with Dr. Tim Ball, retired professor, climatologist, and leader of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project, Darrel Rundus, Christian businessman and founder of The Great News Network, who will be in-studio, and Marc Morano, who runs the ClimateDepot website for the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow. Alex covers the latest on the CRU climategate, runs down the news, and takes your calls.

3. Video "The great global warming swindle"

4. Previous email to Robb Smith on Jim Garrisons connections to Rockefellers and the Global Elite.

Hi Robb, I am having a peak experience in fustration and upset after I listened to the Lester Brown and Jim Garrison interview on saving civilization. I could not sleep and felt I had to do something. So I am writing you this. Hope it works. Also I did not want to start to bring this info onto the forum without checking with you first since this could be really, really damaging.

Let see if I can get this out of me and make sense.

The illuminati? Are they real or just a fantasy? Well if someone came up to me and started talking about Elite bankers and I did not know the history of the bankers I would put this down as a fabrication. But I am informed about this group and it is not a fabrication. A neccessary work to treat this subject in a grounded way, instead of speculation is Carroll Quigleys book " Tragedy and Hope". I hope this area of study (international banker elite history) is on your radar. I hear in integrals dialogs the acknowlegement of the Elite without much specifics. I have studied it in more depth and I am seeing a terrible pattern happening in Integral and below. 

The Rockefeller family is one of the dynasties of the global cabal. Lester and Jim have their heads so far up these elite a** and have and are distorting the integral vision. 

On Lester: From

In 1974, with support of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Lester Brown founded the Worldwatch Institute, the first research institute devoted to the analysis of global environmental issues. While there he launched the Worldwatch Papers, the annual State of the World reports, World Watch magazine, a second annual entitled Vital Signs: The Trends That are Shaping Our Future, and the Environmental Alert book series.

Jim Garrison:

From ( A perspective on the progressive elite)

Socialist International and assorted interfaith groups clearly fulfill an important role in World Federalists' global governance agenda. However, coming back to the World Federalists of America (now known as the World Federalist Movement), another critical individual who helped found this group in the 1940s was the late Alan Cranston, who went on to serve as their president from 1949 until 1952. In 1945 Cranston published The Killing of the Peace, which was released in the hope that it would build support for the United Nations. Cranston remained a dedicated promoter of World Federalism until the end of his life, and in 1995 he "teamed with former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev as the chairman of the Gorbachev Foundation/USA, a San Francisco based think-tank seeking nuclear disarmament." This think tank, which was founded in 1992 by Jim Garrison and John Balbach, "set the stage for the establishment," in 1995, of another San Francisco based non-profit institution, the State of the World Forum, which was formed to "gather together the creative genius on the planet in a search for solutions to critical global challenges." The following provides a brief introduction to this unique global-level forum and the personalities that drive it.

Funding for the State of the World Forum is obtained from the Canadian International Development Agency, a multitude of liberal foundations, (13) and corporate sponsors like Booz Allen Hamilton and McKinsey & Company. John Balbach ("a pioneer of the broadband wireless industry") served as co-founder of the Forum (and also acted as vice president of the Gorbachev Foundation). Balbach presently acts as senior counsel to the Seva Foundation -- a philanthropic effort that was founded by Larry Brilliant (the executive director of Google's philanthropic project -- and is the managing partner and founder of the international strategic consultancy Global Alliances. Balbach's consultancy, Global Alliances, "served as the founders of the first State of the World Forum," while some of their other clients include free-market environmental groups (e.g., Environmental Defense Fund, and the Natural Resources Defense Council), and world leaders like Boris Yelstin, Margaret Thatcher, and George Bush. (14)

Another important person connected to both the Gorbachev Foundation and the Forum is James Hickman. He was vice president of the Gorbachev Foundation in 1993, and served as the director of Programs and Business Affairs for the State of the World Forum (2000-04). Hickman currently sits on the latter's board of directors and in addition sits on the board of Wisdom University (see below), and on the executive committee of Citizens Democracy Corps, "a non-profit organization that supports private sector development and economic growth in emerging and transitioning economies throughout the world" -- a group that is intimately enmeshed in the US government's global democracy-manipulating activities.

Jim Garrison is the president of the Forum; the convening chairman is Mikhail Gorbachev, and founding co-chairs of the first forum (held in 1995) included leading liberal elites like Oscar Arias, Maurice Strong, Ted Turner, and Jane Goodall (see "Jane Goodall's Elite Monkey Business"). Given Oscar Arias's connection to Deepak Chopra (see (15)), a leading proponent of "capitalist spirituality," it is critical to draw attention to a significant link between the State of the World Forum and the Wisdom University. This is because in 2005 Jim Garrison became president and chairman of Wisdom University, and both the other two board members of the State of the World Forum (James Hickman and Caroline Myss) happen to be the same three board members for Wisdom University; given this overlap the following section will throw some much needed light on this ostensibly spiritual university.


Capitalist Spirituality for the New World Order

So what type of spiritual education is provided by the Wisdom University? Well, according to their Web site:

The average student enrolled at Wisdom University is a professional, with an established career and one or more advanced degrees. They have come to the conclusion that they need deeper spiritual challenges in order to maintain momentum and meaning in their lives. Our students soon discover that they can continue to grow spiritually and professionally at Wisdom University, thus combining spiritual nourishment with enhanced professional qualifications.

It appears that Wisdom University provides spiritual guidance for corporate and political elites who have lost their way (and inner peace) in the harsh capitalist, individualistic, secular world that they promote as the panacea for the world's problems. This form of globalized corporate spirituality is an important phenomenon. Paul Heelas writes in his landmark book The New Age Movement (Blackwell Publishers, 1996) how: "A significant number of New Agers have in fact moved beyond counter-cultural antagonism to the capitalistic mainstream. Instead, they incorporate the creation of prosperity." (16) This is what Jeremy Carrette and Richard King refer to in their book Selling Spirituality: The Silent Takeover of Religion (Routledge, 2005) as "capitalist spirituality," which they argue is "utilised to 'smooth out' resistance to the growing power of corporate capitalism and consumerism." (17) They write:

The interiorisation of spirituality and its location within the bounds of the modern, individual self emerged with the development of psychology in the late nineteenth century. It became popularised, however, in the 1950s and 1960s with the rise of Humanistic Psychology (particularly the work of [Abraham] Maslow), professional counselling, and psychedelic culture. Having been cast as a private and psychological phenomenon, "spirituality" has gone through a second major shift in the 1980s. This is the point at which the first privatisation -- involving the creation of individual, consumer-oriented spiritualities -- begins to overlap with an increasing emphasis upon a second privatisation of religion -- that is, the tailoring of spiritual teachings to the demands of the economy and of individual self-expression to business success. This is no better illustrated than by the various self-improvement movements of the 1980s... (18)

Michael Parenti draws our attention to the activities of the arch-democracy-manipulator, Vaclav Havel, who "now promotes a sort of New Age spiritualism." Parenti points out how Havel has...

...called for a new breed of political leader, who would rely less on "rational, cognitive thinking," and show "humility in the face of the mysterious order of Being" and "trust in his own subjectivity as his principal link with the subjectivity of the world." We should have a "sense of transcendental responsibility, archetypal wisdom," and the ability "to get to the heart of reality through personal experience." Havel lists the ecological dangers facing the world but denounces the idea of rational, collective social efforts to solve them. He denounces democracy's "traditional mechanisms" for being linked to "the cult of objectivity and statistical average." He thinks he is being visionary when in fact he is putting forth an elitist subjectivism and antidemocratic obscurantism. (19)

As Steve Bruce noted in 2006, "New Age spirituality would seem to be a strong candidate for the future of religion because its individualistic consumeristic ethos fits well with the spirit of the age." (20)

Returning to Wisdom University, in order to provide spiritual comfort to their already well-educated students the University employs fourteen faculty chairs "who teach and conduct research and other programs at Wisdom University." For instance, Caroline Myss, a "pioneer in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness," is chair of Energy Medicine, while other chairs cover subjects as diverse as Sacred Dance and Interspecies Connections. Yet, the one chair that seems particularly relevant to the topic of this essay is Barbara Marx Hubbard's chair in Conscious Evolution. (21)

Marilyn Ferguson recounts some of Hubbard's achievements in the new age classic, The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in the 1980s (Paladin Books, 1982):

In 1967, Barbara Marx Hubbard, a futurist moved by [Pierre] Teilhard's vision of evolving consciousness, invited a thousand people around the world, including [Abraham] Maslow's network, to form a "human front" of those who shared a belief in the possibility of transcendent consciousness. Hundreds responded, including Lewis Mumford and Thomas Merton. Out of this grew a newsletter and later a loose-knit organization, the [pro-space exploration group] Committee for the Future. (p.59)

Hubbard is well qualified to teach Conscious Evolution as she is the president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution -- a group that has been "supported by major financial gifts from [the late] Laurance S. Rockefeller," amongst others. Furthermore, although not organized by Hubbard, Ferguson notes how in 1970 Lockheed Aircraft underwrote a meeting held at De Anza College in Cupertino, California, "that was the first group of scientists and physicians -- friends -- gathered in a public forum to assert their interest in spiritual realities and alternative approaches to health." She adds that within a few years similar meetings were taking place all over America, and the "Rockefeller, Ford, and Kellogg foundations funded programmes exploring the interface of mind and health." (22)


Integral expresses the function of the elite in history without knowing (Or not telling, or I missed it) the banking history which totally goes with the "elite", as integral uses it. The evolution of civilization will be global some day. Is Integral unkowingly siding with evil?  So far yes( IMHO). The question is how much influence, have they had, and have now? This is were I am shaking in my pants at how much influence(basically I have too much to say here and no one to say it too, which I hope is not you) while the historically unwashed are clueless (Including integral so far). 

I did not think I would come so face to face with the elite element in the Integral world. I can not sleep because the great body of work and practice of Integral will not be serving the GREATER good. And Integral has not been able to notice the treason in its own organization. This is not a matter of disapointed expectations I have of integral. I know how far out there all this might seem and how difficult it would be for someone to be able to notice these patterns.

I am not sure what you can do for me. Maybe entertain the possibility that we are all being duped to an amazing degree by the Elite. Like the movie TRUMAN with Jim Carrey. But all of humanity is in the show and just the Elite are watching and controlling it. 100 people watching 6 billion. Society has been engineered for over 100 years. Population control( While new technologies make the issue a non issue like cold fusion , micro/nano biology machines, molecules making molecules). Peak Oil was a engineered event. It is a real event only because it was designed to be so. The theory of oils origins is way off. Abiotic oil looks like a more coherent theory, making the oil shortage trully false, but real do to policy from the elite. Climate change( Notice Maurice Strong in this climate scientist blog, education, health, drugs, military industrial complex, food supply, etc all are under the elites design and control. A very ugly story.

Anyway. Are you close to anything I am saying or is this funny and off your radar screen.

Let see if I can sleep now.


5. Video : "Fall of the Republic"


This alot of material. My question will Integral adapt to this new ClimateGate or follow Jim Garrison into Elitism?