Practices for Living, Dying, and Living Again

Okay, I'm Dead... Now What?

Andrew Holecek and Ken Wilber
January 25th, 2016
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Based upon the timeless teachings of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Okay, I’m Dead offers a comprehensive 30-part guide to the many stages of the death and dying process. Within this program you will find a series of discussions and guided meditations to help you consciously prepare for your own death, relate gracefully to all that will happen to you physically and mentally as you die, and recognize the astounding spiritual opportunities that will arise for you during this time. You will also learn valuable suggestions to help others better navigate the dying and post-death experiences, allowing you to assist your loved ones as they make this precious transition as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

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These aren’t just practices for dying. They are also practices for living. They are practices to help you awaken more fully, to live more consciously, and to love more completely. It just so happens that the qualities of an awakened life are the exact same qualities that will help ensure that your death will be as meaningful, painless, and free of regrets as it possibly can be.

Whether you are new to spiritual practice or a long-time seasoned practitioner, this program will help you live better, love better, and die better.

Okay, I’m Dead serves as a wonderful introductory crash-course to the spiritual life, and the foundational guided meditations included are all you need to begin and sustain your own daily practice. At the same time, there is no application or expression of your spiritual practice more important or more advanced than this. This is both "spiritual kindergarten" and "spiritual grad school", all in one incredible 30-part program.

Basically, this program is for everyone who has a heartbeat.

Because someday, you won't.



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  • Introduction to Preparing to Die by Andrew Holecek [+PREVIEW]
  • Death, Rebirth, and Meditation by Ken Wilber [+PREVIEW]

Preparing to Die

  • Overview: Life and Death, Virtue and Wisdom [+PREVIEW]
  • Shamatha Meditation
  • Vipashyana Meditation
  • The Four Reminders
  • Tonglen
  • Reverse Meditations
  • Pure Land Practice, Preparation for Sudden Death
  • The Noble Truths
  • Devotion
  • The Bardos and the Trikaya
  • Phowa
  • Shitro Practice, Vajrasattva Practice, and Working with Passion
  • Insurance Practices

Practices for Living, Dying, and Living Again

  • Practice: Shamatha and Vipashyana Meditation
  • Practice: Non-Referential Mindfulness
  • Practice: The Four Reminders
  • Practice: Tonglen
  • Practice: Reverse Meditations
  • Practice: Phowa and Sudden Death
  • Practice: Dream Yoga
  • Conclusion

How to Die

  • Beyond the Flesh
  • Outer Dissolution
  • Inner Dissolution
  • What Remains?
  • What To Do For Others As They Die

Now What?

  • What to Do After You Die
  • What to Do After Someone Else Dies

Difficult Issues

  • Difficult Issues: Euthanasia, Suicide, Abortion, and the Four Laws of Karma
  • Conclusion

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