Integral Spotlight: Sex, God, and Integral International Development

Gail Hochachka
February 18th, 2013
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Gail Hochachka, co-director of Integral Without Borders, offers an inspiring Integral Spotlight presentation on her work in integral international development—work that is actively reducing suffering, enriching lives, and bringing integral solutions to the parts of the world that need them the most, in places as diverse as Peru, Nigeria, and El Salvador. We think you will find this video both engaging and tremendously encouraging, offering a precious reminder of the incredible impact the integral approach is already having on people's lives all across the planet.

When we discuss the integral approach with people, we often hear the same thing: "Well that's very interesting and all, but what is integral actually doing for the world?"

It's easy to get carried away with the more intellectual components of the integral approach, since so much of this theoretical groundwork has been so exhaustively laid down, most prominently through the pioneering work of Ken Wilber over the past several decades. And it's fun to contemplate how the integral approach might impact the world in the future, particularly once we hit that ever-approaching "tipping point" of integral consciousness that is now emerging all across the planet.

However, between the theoretical map-making and our hopeful dreams of a wiser, more sustainable, and more integrated future, we sometimes get lost in abstraction and overlook the very real, very profound impact the integral approach is already making in our world. We forget that right now, at this very moment, there are a number of incredibly intelligent and compassionate people who are bringing integral perspectives to some of our most difficult global problems, and who are using the integral approach to dramatically reduce real-life suffering all across the world.

Gail Hochachka is one of those beautiful shining souls. In this inspiring Integral Spotlight presentation, Gail describes four reasons why the typically dry topic of international development becomes "damn sexy"—and divine!—once we add the all-important integral component. More importantly, she helps to lead us out of the ivory towers of integral idealism and into the villages and ghettos of the developing world, where human suffering is the most widespread and the most heartbreaking, and where the need for integral action is the most urgent.

We hope you enjoy—and we encourage you to share this video with your friends, family, and various social networks!

For more information, how to get involved, and ways to support this work, see:

Note: In this video, Gail refers to the color-coded "altitudes" described by Integral Theory as a way to speak about the developmental stages of human growth. Remember that these altitudes describe at least a dozen different developmental lines (e.g. cognitive, interpersonal, emotional, aesthetic, values, worldview, etc.), each with its own nuances and developmental schemas. Gail uses these terms in a very general way to convey one's "altitude up the developmental mountain". Here are some very brief descriptions of these stages and their attributes. For more information about this, or any other terminology you might encounter on, be sure to check out our Integral Glossary.

First Tier:

beige: instinctual, archaic, (pre)egocentric, foraging
magenta: magical, animistic, egocentric, foraging
red: power, predatory, egocentric, horticultural
amber: traditional, conformist, ethnocentric, agrarian
orange: rational, modern, worldcentric, industrial
green: pluralistic, postmodern, worldcentric, informational

Second Tier:

teal: holistic, systemic, mature worldcentric, informational
turquoise: holarchical, integral, mature worldcentric, informational



Your rating: None Average: 4.8 (13 votes)

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