Based on the most comprehensive map of human development known, this simplified approach to more growth and greater wholeness can transform all areas of your life.

World-famous author and teacher Ken Wilber has created the revolutionary Integral Life Practice kit that you can use NOW to transform your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual life. Integral Life is proud to be offering this foundational framework and set of practices that are proven to give you more clarity, energy, and availability so you can bring the fullest you to your world. We're living in a momentous time, when many people are asking profoundly important questions. Our lives are hectic and full, yet we can't shake this drive for something more. We want to live our lives to the fullest, and be of benefit to others. With so many options for living fully – spirituality, exercise, philosophical inquiry, service, relationships – it's nearly impossible to make sense of all of them without leaving something out and becoming completely overwhelmed. Integral Life Practice provides the most comprehensive approach for gaining more perspective and control of your life.

We are blessed to live at a time when virtually all of the world's practices from all of the world's cultures and spiritual traditions are freely available to us. In fact, we have so many different kinds of practices it can be downright intimidating: Which should I do? How many should I do? How do I know they're working? Where do I begin? How am I even going to find time for all this?

Integral Life Practice (ILP) is a highly distilled, easily customizable, and radically inclusive approach to practice, based on the most comprehensive map of human potentials we currently have. It is neither "map" nor "territory", but the vehicle by which we find, refine, and deliver our unique gifts to the world. On this page you will find a wealth of resources to help guide your own ongoing practice.

Integral Living

Here you will find some very useful resources to help you live a healthy, happy, and fully-integrated lifestyle. Click here for more Integral Living resources.

The Spirit Module

The Spirit Module helps to catalyze your spiritual growth, including practices that will deliver a profound experience of your highest self and biggest heart, based on the greatest insights from both the East and the West. Click here for more Integral Spirituality resources.

The Mind Module

Learning the Integral map equips us with the compassion and discernment we need to become better students of life, opening us to the wisdom that lay hidden in every encounter, every interaction, and every perspective. Click here for more Integral Theory resources, including a working glossary of integral terminology.

The Shadow Module

The Shadow Module helps you understand how and why you fall "out of the now", and restores emotional balance and wellbeing. Includes the "3-2-1 Shadow Process", a quick and powerful technique for revealing and integrating hidden or shadow aspects of yourself.

The Body Module

The Body Module helps you to increase your strength, energy, and vitality, including various forms of strength training (for your physical body); ancient energy practices (for your energetic body); and practices for entering "the now" (for your infinite, ever-aware body). Click here for more Health and Wellness resources.


The Integral Life Practice Starter Kit
The practical tools to develop all of you


The Integral Life Practice Kit is what it implies: a practical tool kit that turns Integral learning into accessible, applied practices that you can do every day. Some of the modules are just one minute long, and customization options let you tailor your own Integral practice plan.

The ILP Kit, based on the Integral Model, is a result of decades of study resulting in the most comprehensive map of human development that shows you how to incorporate the best practices of all the world's wisdom traditions—East and West, ancient and modern, spiritual and psychological. More than 9,000 people around the world are using it. Meeting the challenge of making Integral learning accessible is paying off: our individual users have flooded us with testimonials about how it is transforming their lives. Click here to learn what's included in the Integral Life Practice Starter Kit.

  Tony “In Integral Life Practice, the essential teachings from a thousand years of culture, ritual, and thought are gathered and distilled to create a personalized program that will show you how to attain a higher level of awareness and find the unshakable ability to handle life in all its unpredictable splendor."
Anthony Robbins, Best-selling author, Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power
  Tony “I've used these practices myself, and they work. They get right to the heart of the matter, giving you tools you can use right now…This is the most comprehensive and effective approach I've ever seen for transforming body, mind, and spirit, and for resolving shadow emotional material. I wish I’d thought of it myself.”
- Bill Harris, Director of Centerpointe Research Institute and creator of Holosync

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The original ILP starter kit was $249. This digitized downloadable kit we're offering here today for only $149. When you purchase the ILP starter kit, you'll get:

  • The three PDF handbooks that give you the full context of the ILP framework
  • Video series for each of the four core modules: Body, Mind, Spirit, and Shadow
  • Two Audio CD downloads, One for getting started in less than 20 minute, and one full of guided meditations
  • Content from Auxilliary modules: Ethics, Work, Sex, Relationships, and Nutrition
  • 100% 90 day money-back and personal guarantee
  • The most powerful growth practices from the East and West to help you simplify your life today

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