John Forman

John Forman

  An expert in the role of organizational culture and values, his work reflects the many ways that people make meaning and address change in their work-lives.  John works with clients to integrate tools and technologies that achieve performance breakthroughs and other objectives.  He most often works with clients in the areas of:  

  •     * Change management
  •     * Strategic communication skills for leadership
  •     * Executive leadership development/coaching
  •     * Organizational development
  •     * Integrating inclusive spirituality with organizational life
  •     * Applying integral theory in organizational settings

John is a skilled executive coach who works with individual leaders to help them accomplish organizational objectives and to make their work more meaningful.  

John is a guest lecturer with universities and other learning organizations including:

  • University of Washington Business School
  • National Defense University ,  
  • International Leadership Association,
  • Diocese of Olympia's School of Theology
  • Human Systems Development Professionals

His work has been included in the curriculum of graduate-level classes at the University of Washington Business School , at the National Defense University , the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, and has also been featured in six PhD dissertations and four books.  He has presented papers at the New England Complex Systems Institute and the International Society of Systems Sciences, and has published articles in numerous publications including a section on an integral expansion of John Kotter's change management approach in the book, "Implementing Service and Support Management Processes: A Practical Guide."

 John also contributed to the drafting of the charter for the national Campaign for Better Health based in Washington , D.C. , and sits on the board of directors of Global Integral Research Corporation. He has served on the board of advisors for St Placid Priory, Transfiguration Monastery, and on several other boards and organizational governing bodies.  John is a founding member of the Integral Institute, and co-director of II’s Business and Leadership Center as well as II’s Christian Ministry Center .


Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Integral Post

"Relativistic, postmodern thinking has taught us the partial truth that every human being has a unique perspective on what they consider to be good, right and fair. What we have lost in the process is access to teaching that exercises the moral muscle. The consequences are becoming deeply problematic...."

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

If we accept that sin is a core condition for humans, we must also consider that people are subject to time and, as such, tend to proceed through stages of life. If and as people mature through stages of life, that which they experience and acknowledge as "good" can change over time. Consequently, the "good" that becomes available for distortion into sin must also change....