Integral Life is a social media hub documenting the rise of a unique 21st century renaissance occurring amongst visionary leaders, scientists, thinkers and artists around the world. It was founded in 2007 by Ken Wilber and Robb Smith.


People who live integrally are animated by pursuit of a deep purpose, knowledge and sophistication in their personal and professional lives. They demonstrate a capacity for self-awareness, perspective-taking, a diversity of interests, and a commitment to lifelong development. Integral awareness allows people to expand and deepen the experience of every moment, to make sense of the world, to include everything they are while leaving nothing out, and to wake up to the unifying truths that lie at the core of all human experience. Integral Life commits to helping its members live totally free in their immense diversity while embracing the full richness of the human experience in themselves and others. In short, Integral Life community members are leaders committed to extraordinary living.


Integral Life is the sponsoring organization of Integral Institute, a non-profit academic think tank that offers advanced education in Integral Theory and publishes the acclaimed Journal of Integral Theory and Practice. 



Integral Life was founded to help people integrate their fragmented lives through greater freedom, love, awareness and understanding.  Integral Life represents an ongoing, living promise for humanity: that we may live totally free in our immense diversity, while embracing the full richness of the human experience in ourselves and others.


Like everything else in this world, Integral Life is constantly evolving.  One of the most important things we've been working on as we've evolved is an attempt to better articulate our Core Values—these are "new" only in the sense that we've recently made them explicit, because many of these have been ideals for the past 2 years. And now that we've done some introspection and captured these values on paper, they have already been rippling through our work, our lives, and our organizational culture.  Each of these values is a daily practice and we've not mastered any of them—far from it!—but it is something we strive for every single day, and are getting better and better at as we go.


We are very pleased to share these core values with you all, and invite you to consider whether these values "light up" any of your own.



If you become a member of Integral Life you will be exposed to perspectives, knowledge, content and community found nowhere else, month after month. You'll have access to interviews with integral thinkers, video, audio, e-learning experiences, books, products, blogging and more. More importantly we will ask you to reflect on your expanding awareness in a way that helps you learn, helps you transform (grow vertically to higher stages of consciousness), helps you better translate your experience (grow horizontally by better translating the stage you're at), and helps you live with greater authenticity to your purpose (did you know your purpose changes as your consciousness evolves?). Some of our members spend hours on the site every week, some check in for just a few minutes when they want to reconnect with a broader perspective or perhaps to address some question or issue they've been wrestling with. Integral Life is less a product or even a service and more like a lifelong friend.


If you become a member of Integral Life you'll join a global community of people that value learning, self-awareness, love, authenticity and service. It's a nice place to be and is probably worth your time and energy if you value these things, too. But we don't believe in hard sales pitches. Because of the nature of what integral means, people who are ready to integrate their experience will insist on finding ways to do so (and often thinking that they are alone in the search). Integral Life is the most unique community on Earth today, specifically designed for people who are looking to make sense of everything they experience, who are seeking to integrate the wide diversity of truths and wisdom found throughout the world, and looking to put it into action for a better life for themselves and the planet. You are an immensely important part of this unfolding story and we look forward to knowing you.


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"No one is 100% wrong." - Ken Wilber


The Integral Map is an all-inclusive model developed by Ken Wilber that organizes the insights of the world's greatest knowledge traditions: from psychology, science, systems theory, anthropology, mysticism and sociology to spirituality, religion, politics, medicine and biology. By understanding that no one discipline contains the complete truth, but rather many partial truths, we can organize these insights and truths into a more comprehensive map of reality.


The Integral Map is more than just a theory, it's a way to live your life directly in accord with reality, and many leaders of various disciplines recognize its immediate applicability to everything from personal growth, relationships, and health to politics, business and art. At Integral Life we have worked with a wide variety of people from all walks of life, including spiritual leaders, like Christian Father Thomas Keating, Zen Master Genpo Roshi, and Hindu Swami Sally Kempton; academics like Warren Bennis, Susanne Cook-Greuter and Robert Kegan of Harvard; business leaders like John Mackey of Whole Foods Market and Performance Coach Tony Robbins; artists like musician Saul Wiliiams, director and producer Larry Wachowski ("The Matrix"), and musician Ottmar Liebert. And many more.


All of these leaders and many more have been using the Integral Map to better understand today's polarizing spiritual milieu, to broaden academic approaches to trans-disciplinary studies, improve business and leadership models, help solve complex global problems in international aid and development, and express themselves more deeply. And by leading an Integral Life we can encounter the freedom of fully understanding our unique human awareness, which makes us both more effective in everything we do and more forgiving of our own and others' human frailties.


Click here to learn more about the Integral Map.


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Something amazing is happening right now. All around the world, a new culture is beginning to emerge. It's a culture of people like you—people who are bringing more beauty, more love, and more wholeness to our world and to our lives. It's a culture of people who are creating an entirely new vision of who we are and where we are going—a positive, inspiring, radically hopeful vision of the future.


Integral Life is ground zero for this emerging culture. At Integral Life you will discover everything you need to unlock your own deepest potentials, and will gain access to the most powerful tools, practices, and perspectives on the planet—all designed to help you to upgrade your own health, happiness, and work in the world.


Integral Life is home to the most provocative and insightful conversations on the planet. Here we feature some the world's most prominent teachers, leaders, artists, and visionaries—all of whom are part of the emerging Integral Renaissance that is already sweeping across the globe, and transforming every known field of human activity. From art to sexuality, to psychology and spirituality, to politics, business, and leadership, to education, medicine, and personal development, to literally every other corner of the human experience—there is an integral revolution occurring in every single dimension of our lives. And it's growing fast.... [+learn more]


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Here are some of the main channels you will find on Integral Life. You can sample everything on the site for free, so take a look around! You can find our full archives here.


How many world-class philosophers can you think of who have their own weekly radio show? Each week Ken Wilber interviews today's greatest thinkers, leaders, artists, and visionaries, all of whom are living the integral vision in their own lives and work—offering you insight into the many facets of the 21st Century renaissance that is currently gaining momentum all around the world.
Recorded each Saturday at Ken Wilber's loft in Denver, The Loft Series gives you direct access to some of the latest developments in Ken's own thinking. These are some of the highest-quality audio recordings you can find on Integral Life, in terms of both audio and theoretical fidelity. Much of what Ken says has yet to be written down, and until now has lived only in his head. Now it can live in yours too.
In Integral Life's Daily Evolver series, host Jeff Salzman explores some of the greatest and most pressing news stories of our time, lending some much-needed perspective to the people, events, and ideas that shape the world around us. The Daily Evolver uses the Integral lens to help make sense of the complexity, anxiety, and turbulence that surrounds our lives, offering a regular touchpoint for one of the most important practices of all: the practice of staying informed.
Integral Post is a high-profile blog series that features writings and articles from many of our favorite Integral thinkers, offering exciting updates, observations, and applications from their respective corners of the Kosmos—reaching all the way from academia to pop culture to the innermost heart of the world's great spiritual traditions.
In the Future of Buddhism series we explore how an integral approach to Buddhism preserves the great contemplative heritage of the Buddhist tradition, but reinterprets it in the light of the very best of modern, postmodern, and Integral thought. Its injunction: follow the venerable instructions, pointing out Emptiness. But navigate in the world of form as skillfully as you possibly can. What might the "fourth turning" of Buddhism look like? Ken Wilber's suggestion: you might as well call it Integral!
In the Future of Christianity series, best-selling author Ken Wilber, Christian contemplatives Father Thomas Keating, Brother David Steindl-Rast, Cynthia Bourgeault, and many other progressive Christian thinkers offer their visions of hope for the future of the world's largest religion, helping it to fulfill its potential as one of the world's most powerful "conveyor belts" of human development at a time when it is so badly needed. These luminaries envision the Christian journey in a new way, with radical implications for our spiritual lives and for the world as a whole.
Featuring the most prominent and talented artists from all over the Integral world, our monthly Integral Life Art Galleries reach into a brand new "reconstructive" space of Integral aesthetics. Each gallery offers a unique window into the Integral vision, where all the abstractions and ideas commonly associated with the Integral model are grounded and expressed with amazing sublimity and sensuality. These galleries don't just offer you new ways of seeing the world around you; they offer new ways of seeing yourself.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's The Stuart Davis Show! Here you can find all of Stuart Davis' special performances, dialogues, and comedy sketches that he's produced over the years. Stu embodies a deeply Tantric humor that leaves no stone unturned, no taboo untouched, and no sacred cow unskewered. He offers nothing less than a full-chakra embrace of the absurdity of existence, from body fluids to Brahman—which can be a bit unnerving for those who take their spiritual identities and idolatries just a bit too seriously!




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